5 Tips for Your Online Marketing Strategies in 2017

Are you looking to revise your online marketing strategy this year with or without the use of an online marketing expert boca raton? Below are a few tips to consider while trying to optimize your search engine optimization and online marketing strategies.

Spend more money on content and take a mobile approach!

Any seo expert boca raton will tell you that the best and more efficient way to increase your online marketing strength is to develop longer, more quality content. Quality content can refer to many different things – blogs, articles, etc – that is specific to what your business is marketing and how you want to present yourself to the online world. Spending more money to develop this content, according to an online marketing expert boca raton, can increase people’s awareness of your brand in the world, keeps you ranked toward the top of online searches (SEO is very important!), creates information about your brand that is share worthy and gives you authority over your subject matter. Make sure your blogs and articles are well written and well researched. They should not read as sales pitches and instead seek to educate, enlighten and entertain (the three E’s!). Aim for between 800 and 1000 words. Anything less than this may be passed up by search engines or look like you haven’t put enough time or knowledge into your subject, even if you are an expert on the topic. It’s also important to make sure all content is mobile friendly. According to many seo expert boca raton, most people use their phones to look at websites now. If you want to guarantee that people are able to access and read your page, which can potentially lead to increased sales, make sure you consult an expert to verify mobile users can access all content. Add Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your website if you are unable to convert your entire website. Google has been giving small search engine hit boosts to pages with mobile content – use this to your advantage! Visit this site : http://www.getonthemap.com

Optimize, Outreach and consider adding Voice Search!

According to online marketing expert boca raton, Google especially keeps expanding their supported structured data offerings. This type of optimization of structured data leads to more specific hits to your website. If you organize your website’s data to make use of this, your hits will only increase.  Google especially is important to consider as it is the top search engine and is where the majority of your hits will inevitably come from. Voice search is another consideration and a fairly recent search option, according to seo expert boca raton. As the accessibility continues to improve, people use it more and more. Using the most current search engines to your advantage significantly helps boost your online marketing. Be in the know!

When looking to increase your online marketing, refer to the above tips by top online marketing expert boca raton and seo expert boca raton to increase your hits