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SEO Strategies: What You Need to Know about Google’s Search Updates in 2015

Always make sure that your SEO strategies align with Google’s latest 2015 search standards. The reason is that Google’s search algorithms are in the process of continuous change. From time to time google makes some changes in its search engine to make it up to date all the time. The improvement in search engines results in improved search results. And you can access to different websites and data accurately and conveniently. The changes that google makes can, are drastically affecting your website, so it’s important for you to update your website and make changes in it as well.

Pigeon Update:

This update was made with the aim to improve Google’s distance and location ranking parameters. Moreover, this change was made to provide better user experience. Basically this update produced hyper-localization effects and the result of such effects put a drastic impact on some business categories such as hotels, real estate agencies etc. SEO Boca Raton can cope with by embracing hper-localization and focusing on keywords. A part from this, ask your SEO to connect your website with local firms in related industries for citations and back links.

Penguin 3.0 Update:

Basically this update is a response to Black Hat link building strategies. SEO expert Boca Raton marketers can adjust their strategies by focusing on gaining links the right way. Moreover, by creating website blog with quality content and using social media to connect with some very influential authorities in relevant field. Know more about this update here!

Mobile-friendly Algorithm:

This update by google was made in response to global adaptation of mobile devices. The change made by google was that it introduced mobile friendliness to search ranking factors. The reason was that it made it easy for the mobile users to search easily. Here google suggests you that update or design your website in such a way that a smartphone user or a tablet user can easily get access to it. Moreover, introduce such elements that perform very well on smartphone browsers. Scaling fonts are also important to add.

Panda 4.2:

The reason behind this update was most of the website on the google were not performing well. They used the contents of other websites. Moreover the content was also of inferior quality. But still such websites had high ranking on google search results while the best and quality websites were not getting higher ranking. Now SEO expert Boca Raton is required to provide quality content on their websites to remain active. A part from this, no duplicate pages, copied work or purchased content would not be acceptable.

Now, it’s crystal clear that it’s crucial for the websites to shape again as per the changes that the google has made. For this purpose you can ask your SEO expert Boca Raton to make all the changes that are no required. They will then use the different strategies to make your website up-to-date and safe. Moreover, some online SEO marketing expert Boca Raton will also provide you blog and unique content writing information.

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